Hayfield Fell Races - Photo Gallery
This page collects together photos of local fell races. Before the advent of online photo galleries I hosted a lot of photos here when they were sent to me by the photographers. I have now put all of these photos in a gallery on Picasa. I will continue to add links to relevant sets of photos so please feel free to send them to me.

I've tried to credit photos appropriately - please let me know if I've got it wrong. If there is a photo of you that you don't want displaying here, let me know and I'll gladly remove it.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed photos - keep them coming...
Updated: 19 Apr 2015

Latest photos: 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008

Andy Howie's Pics (Andy Howie!) 14 photos

Boar's Head Hill Race 2008 (via Andy Howie) 95 photos

Chris Smith (Local photographer) Link

Famous Grouse 2007 (Andy Howie) 135 photos

Famous Grouse 2008 (John) 29 photos

Famous Grouse 2008 (Pippa) 37 photos

Famous Grouse 2008 (Andy Howie) 17 photos

Famous Grouse 2008 (Richard Siepp) Link

Kinder Downfall 2005 (via Dave Soles) 155 photos

Kinder Downfall 2006 (via Dave Soles) 81 photos

Kinder Downfall 2007 (via Dave Soles) 194 photos

Kinder Downfall 2008 (via Dave Soles) 20 photos

Kinder Downfall 2008 (Ann Siepp) Link

Kinder Downfall 2008 (Chris, KMRT) Link.

Kinder Trial 2007 (John Beatty) 173 photos

Kinder Trial 2009 (Andy Howie) 33 photos

Kinder Trial 2009 (Lis Bloor) 17 photos

Kinder Trial 2009 (DazH) 158 photos

Kinder Trog 2008 (IanDarkPeak) 124 photos

Kinder Trog 2008 (DazH) 52 photos

Kinder Trog 2008 (Viv H/Andy H) 43 photos

Kinder Trog 2008 (Chris, KMRT) Link

Lad's Leap 2008 (Andy Howie) 247 photos

Lamb's Longer Leg 2008 (Andy Howie) 78 photos

Lamb's Longer Leg 2009 (Andy Howie) 86 photos

Lamb's Longer Leg 2009 (Paul Tickle and Grayham Simpson) 54 photos

Lantern Pike 2007 (Juniors) (Dave Pinnington) Link

Lantern Pike 2007 (Seniors) (Dave Pinnington) Link

Lantern Pike 2008 (Richard Siepp) Link

Lantern Pike Dash 2008 (via Andy Howie) 55 photos

Mel Cranmer's Pics (Mel Cranmer!) 14 photos

Tanky's Trog 2007 (1) (Andy Howie) 19 photos

Tanky's Trog 2007 (2) (Andy Howie) 81 photos

Tanky's Trog 2007 (3) (Andy Howie) 165 photos