Groovy Kinder Love - Sun, 30 Sep 2018

Please note - this page refers to the 2018 race. Races from 2021 onwards use a different route.

Turn up, sign in, don't drop out as Timothy Leary would have said, were he into fell running... Groovy Kinder Love is a new, class AL race from Hayfield with plenty of highs and quite a few lows to match.

Groovy Kinder Love (15.5m/4265') - Sun, 30 Sep 2018 - 11:00am. New long race organised by Pennine. Registration at the Scout Hut, GR SK034871. Over 18. Entry on the day. Entry fee £8.

Organiser: Noel Curtis. Email:

More info here and the race flyer is here. The organiser's race notes are here.

Pat Barry has a Strava trace from his recce of the route here.

Nic Barber has a handy description of his recce, with some good route-finding tips, here.


Start - Kinder Road/Bank St junction in Hayfield - SK037869 (ie the Kinder Downfall start)

CP1 - Path junction - SK050883 (nr Shooting Cabin)

CP2 - Checkpoint SK058902 (on a trod near Mill Hill)

CP3 - Harry Hut Trig - SK045907

CP4 - Path junction - SK050918 (in Bray Clough)

CP5 - Path/trod junction - SK071893 (top of Sandy Heys)

CP6 - Trod junction near bridge - SK060887 (bottom of William Clough)

CP7 - Path/stream junction - SK065876 (nr corner of Upper House wood)

CP8 - Kinder Low Trig - SK079870

CP9 - Footbridge - SK087862 (bottom of Jacob's Ladder)

CP10 - Brown Knoll Trig - SK084851

CP11 - South Head summit - SK060845

CP12 - Mount Famine summit - SK056849

CP13 - Gate on bridleway - SK052864 (corner of wood)

Finish - Under goalposts in park - SK038868 (Hayfield Skate Park)