Hayfield Fell Races - Archive
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Famous Grouse - 25 Nov 2018
13 Jan 2019
Over 60 turned out for what may be the last running of this splendid little race (after 27 years...). Lloyd Taggart returned to these parts take the top spot and Steph Curtis was first female. Andy Howie brought up the rear again (as sweeper, of course). Thanks to Wayne and Rose for keeping this race on track for nearly three decades and to all of their marshals and helpers for turning out in all the weathers that late November brings.

Results are now here - thanks to Andy for these and here are Mark Fermer's photos - thanks Mark!

Groovy Kinder Love - 30 Sep, 2018
27 Dec 2018
Ouch! - and the award for the toughest local race goes to... 70+ turned out for the first running of this race on a dry but windy day. It was generally good underfoot and Jack Wood was first back in 2:22:24 with Chloe Haines first woman in 2:58:48. Despite being only 16 miles, quite a few climbs over rough terrain made for hard going (for most of us). Thanks to Noel and Pennine FR for putting this on and finding marshals for checkpoints in some of the less hospitable places (hi Tim!). Race info page here.

Here are the results - thanks to Mark & Noel for sorting these out. There are some nice photos, taken at Harry Hut Trig, by Beau Dog Photography here and here.

Hayfield Championship 2018
6 Dec 2018
They think it's all over... The Champs' winners this year were Lee Ashwood and Victoria Healey - congratulations to them. 21 completed successfully this time. Here is the final table. Well done to all who completed and thanks to Andy Howie for organising again.
Lantern Pike - 15 Sep 2018
6 Dec 2018
Thanks to Jim, Mel and their myriad helpers for staging these races again. 140 turned out for the senior race with Luke Beresford and Katie Walshaw taking the top spots. Here are the senior results and the juniors - thanks to Jim for these.

Thanks also to Nick Ham for his photos.

Cracken Edge - 1 Aug 2018
15 Oct 2018
A large field of over 200 enjoyed good conditions for this 6 mile romp around the Ollersett moors and Chinley Churn. Thanks to Kinder MRT who organised and were out on the course in large numbers. Steve Vernon was first back (and equalled the course record which he set 10 years ago!) and Hayley Kuter was first woman back.

Here are the results - thanks to Jim Harries for these. Thanks also to Mark Fermer for his photos and to Nick Ham for his 'dash cam' footage.

Kinder Trog - 24 Jun 2018
16 Sep 2018
Not quite 'scorchio' but a pretty hot day for the Trog which saw 170 head off to Lantern Pike, Mill Hill, Kinder and back via Edale Cross, South Head and Big Stone. Phil Marsden of Horwich was first back and Nicola Bowen of Dark Peak was first woman. Thanks to organisers Carl and Sue and all of their helpers. I believe that Carl and Sue will be handing on this race (after 8 years) so many thanks for taking good care of this classic event.

Here are the results - thanks to Fran for sorting these out promptly. And here are photos from Mark Fermer - thanks WC!

Three Days in May - 18-20 May 2018
19 Aug 2018
Three races in three days, with prizes for first M & F in the 3 race series. There will also be a number of spot prizes for those who manage all three races so don't rush off afterwards...!

30 runners managed to complete all three races in the series and Noel Curtis and Clare Griffin were series winners - well done to them. Here is the final table.

Kinder Downfall - 22 Apr 2018
16 Jun 2018
A large field of 264 starters were ably managed by race organiser Will and his hordes of helpers. Thanks to them all for staging Hayfield's biggest race. This year's race trialled the Racetek tracking system which seemed to work well and has produced near-instant results. Alasdair Campbell repeated his win of last year and Holly Martin improved on second last year to come first this time - well done to them.

Here are the results done in the old fashioned way. And here are some photos from Nick Ham - thanks Nick!

Lost property - quite a haul this year ... blue Gasparilla race-T, Karrimor shorts (L), Helly (L), Inov8 Terraclaw shoe (8), Salomon trail 10 bag, dining chair (brown). Here's a photo - please contact RO Will to reclaim.

Chicken Run - 14 Apr 2018
29 May 2018
It seemed Spring had finally arrived for the annual Chicken Run which took place on a mild, sunny day, albeit with quite a lot of mud still about. Over 100 turned up and Totley AC, in the shape of Lee Kemp and Caz Kay, claimed the two first prizes. Thanks to new organiser Elizabeth and all of her helpers for putting on this very well managed race. The cakes at the finish were particularly good. Thanks also to Liz for the results and her race report...
An overcast and chilly start to the day, perfect conditions for 113 fell runners who started the race! The majority of runners tackled the circa 10k course, which following the recent weather resulted in a wet, boggy and muddy course in places. Text updates came into race HQ from the marshals out on the course as the runners ran, jogged and walked around the course. This year we had one DNF and one minor injury. Lee Kemp was the fastest man home, he raced around in 41 minutes and 29 seconds. And the fastest woman was Caz Kay in a time of 51 minutes and 27 seconds. Both runners come from Totley AC, in all 34 running clubs were represented.

From an organisational point of view there are always things that can be improved upon, if you have any thoughts please email the debutant Race Organiser elizabethstearsland@yahoo.co.uk. There is also a Facebook page set up for any feedback, announcements etc. The race route map and elevation map are also available online – search for Chicken Run Fell Run. Finally, a big thank you once again to all the runners (and their families/supporters) who entered the race, hope to see you all again next year.

Thanks on behalf of the FRA and Hayfield PTA – Liz

P.S. Have you lost your house key? One was located on the grass near the start of the race. Get in touch if it’s yours.

Lamb's Longer Leg - 21 Jan 2018
14 Apr 2018
Wintery conditions for this year's race - wind and snow certainly made marshaling and timekeeping a challenge but the runners seemed to enjoy it. Simon Bailey and Liz Batt were first M/F back - well done to them. Thanks to Brian for organising again and to his helpers for standing around getting frozen.

Here are the results. Thanks to those runners who took the trouble to confirm their times to me and I have reduced the provisional times by 1:20. No records broken though...

And here are some photos from Mark Fermer ... and some more (via Facebook) from Frank Golden - thanks!

Kinder Trial - 20 Jan 2018
14 Apr 2018
Waist-deep snow on parts of the course this year but that didn't stop 104 runners getting round the 16th running of this fell orienteering event. Simon Coldrick was first back and Kirsty Bryan-Jones was first woman. Well done to them - and the other 102. The usual soup and cake fest was waiting at the finish. Thanks to Andy and all of his helpers for putting this on again.

Here are the results - thanks to AndyB for these.

Famous Grouse - 26 Nov 2017
14 Jan 2018
After a snowy Saturday, race day began with some sunshine but this vanished and the rain arrived 2 minutes before the start. There was much cursing and donning of waterproofs and then we were off up Moorland Road which was dry in parts, unlike most of the route which was gloriously muddy. Thanks to Wayne and Rose for putting on this race yet again and thanks to the marshals who had a chilly couple of hours out on the course. Here are the results - thanks to Andy (The Sweeper) Howie for putting these together.
Hayfield Champs 2017
14 Jan 2018
It's all over for another year and 30 entrants managed to complete the necessary races to earn their T-shirts. Bryan McKenna and Ali Keates topped the table - well done to them. Thanks, as always, to Andy Howie for organising and here is the final table.
Lantern Pike - 16 Sep 2017
9 Jan 2018
Almost 150 turned out for the senior race which was held in good conditions. Simon Bailey was first back and Lauren McNeil was first woman - congratulations to them. Thanks to organiser Jim and all of his helpers. Thanks also to Mel and Jim for organising the many junior races. Here are the senior results and the juniors. Thanks to Jim for sorting these out quickly.

It was a pleasure to see Ricky Wilde and Wade Cooper at the race - they both ran the inaugural Lantern Pike race in 1977. Ricky's race record from that year remained unbroken yet again.

Cracken Edge - 2 Aug 2017
10 Dec 2017
Almost 200 turned out for this mid-week trot up on to the Ollersett moors. Thanks to organiser Jim and the rest of KMRT for putting this on again. Here are the results - thanks to Jim for providing these promptly. Here is the organiser's race report - thanks Mike.

And here are photos from Nick Ham - thanks Nick!

Kinder Trog - 25 Jun 2017
19 Nov 2017
Cool conditions made for one very fast time in this race and a combination of clag and dodgy navigation made for quite a few slow times! Alasdair Campbell was first back (with a 19 minute margin...) and Helen Elmore was first woman. Congratulations to them and thanks to organiser Carl and his team. 175 started.

Here are the results - thanks to Sue for sorting these out.

Three Days in May - 19-21 May 2017
29 Aug 2017
The Three Days have come and gone - thanks to everyone who came along to run, organise or support. All three races had record entries and the weather was mostly kind. Congratulations to Nat Winfield and Ali Keates who topped the rankings in the three race series. 34 turned out for all three races. Here is the table of results.
Kinder Downfall - 23 Apr 2017
27 Jun 2017
Brilliant conditions for this race and congratulations to this year's winners, Alasdair Campbell and Megan Wilson. My apologies to Alasdair and to Rob Little for incorrectly attributing the win to Rob earlier today! Many thanks to organiser Will and his many helpers for putting on this great race. Here are the results - thanks Marvin!
Chicken Run - 1 Apr 2017
15 May 2017
A bit slippery underfoot but otherwise good conditions for this race over to the reservoir from the primary school. Alasdair Campbell was first back and Sally Fawcett was first lady. There was some confusion over the start time which was published as 11:00 in some places and 11:30 in others - apologies if you turned up early and had to wait for the later start. Thanks to organiser Sue and all her many helpers (& Mark!). Thanks also to KMRT who were out and about on the route. Here are the results - thanks Sue.
Kinder Trial - 21 Jan 2017
15 May 2017
Good conditions for this O-style event taking the lucky entrants to familiar and unfamiliar nooks and crannies on Kinder. Close finishes for both men and women with Simon Harding just pipping Nic Barber and Sue Richmond in just ahead of Kirsty Bryan-Jones. Everyone returned safely to find the usual copious refreshments at the Scout Hut. Thanks, as ever, to Andy Howie and his team for putting on this now-classic event. Here are the results. (KT17 start list)
Lamb's Longer Leg - 15 Jan 2017
27 Mar 2017
Not quite as wet as predicted but pretty soggy all the same. 75 set off on the first local race of 2017. Simon Bailey was first again, 4 minutes clear of the field and Caitlin Rice had a similar margin over second lady - well done to them and to everyone who braved the conditions. Thanks to Brian for organising and here are the provisional results.

Three people didn't get their times recorded (NG, RR and JB) - apologies, probably not your fault! - if you get in touch I will insert as appropriate. This was due, in part, to roughly 50% of the field arriving at the finish with their numbers under their jackets and the finish marshals having to chase around to get numbers. Please don't do this, it makes counting everyone in safely very difficult.

Hayfield Santa Dash - 4 Dec 2016
5 Feb 2017
Brilliant sunshine and blue skies accompanied the senior and junior Santa Dash races this year, organised to raise funds for KMRT and the May Queen. Thanks to organiser Alison and her helpers at base and out on the course. Here are the senior and junior results.
Famous Grouse - 27 Nov 2016
13 Jan 2017
Dry but cold for this romp around the Ollersett Moors. A good turnout enjoyed a relatively mud-free course for a change and Jack Ross and Steph Curtis were first M & F. Thanks to Wayne, Rose and all of their helpers for putting this on again. Here are the results - thanks to Andy Howie for getting these together.
Hayfield Championship 2016
2 Jan 2017
The Champs concluded for 2016 with the Lantern Pike race. There were 22 finishers - congratulations to all who stayed the course and were rewarded with a (black this time) T-shirt. First place amongst the men was tied with both Nat Winfield and Alasdair Campbell on the same number of points. Jo Bednall was clear women's winner. Here is the final table. Thanks, as ever, to Andy Howie for organising it all...
Lantern Pike FR - 17 Sep 2016
29 Dec 2016
Warm and sunny conditions for this short, sharp race from the Hayfield Sheepdog Trial show field. Around 150 set off and Jack Ross was first back with Elizabeth Leason first woman. Thanks to organiser Jim for staging this (and numerous junior races also) and thanks to all of his helpers, marshals, etc. Here are the senior results - thanks Jim! ... and here are the juniors.
Cracken Edge - 3 Aug 2016
26 Oct 2016
Distinctly unseasonal weather this time - strong winds and dark clouds with the last runners coming home in dusky conditions. 200 ran and Andi Jones and Ingrid Storm were first man and woman. Thanks to Jim and Kinder MRT for organising once again. Here are the results - thanks to Dan for sending these over promptly. There is a race report over on the KMRT site.
Kinder Trog - 26 Jun 2016
19 Sep 2016
I understand that the rain held off for this classic long race though it was wet underfoot after recent deluges. Neil Northrop was first back and Rachael Lawrance was first woman - well done to them both. Thanks to organisers Carl and Sue and all of their helpers. Here are the results - thanks to Sue for getting these to me promptly. If you lost a blue Salomon backpack, please contact the organiser to get it returned to you.

Nick Ham's Trog photos - ta Nick! I have also been sent a link to some very nice photos by Mike Fleet. Mike is happy to exchange hi-res photos for a donation towards the running of the Hayfield scout hut which we use for most of our local races. Details here.

Three Days in May - 20-22 May 2016
19 Sep 2016
30 runners completed all three races - congratulations to all who managed this. Here is the final table after all three races.
Kinder Downfall FR - 24 Apr 2016
7 Aug 2016
260 turned out for this classic race to the Downfall and back. Rob Little was first back (with Nic Barber a very close second) and Emma Gould was first woman - congratulations to them (and to everyone who finished). Light rain at the start turned to snow up on Kinder but conditions were generally good. A fine selection of cakes at the finish made for a perfect end... Thanks to new organiser Will for taking on this race and to all of his helpers and marshals (and KMRT who turned out in force up on the hill). Here are the results - thanks to Andy Butler for getting these out quickly.

... and here are photos from Nick Ham (thanks!)

May Queen Lantern Pike Race 1962
18 Apr 2016
From the Hayfield Memories page on Facebook - sent by Mark Fermer and originally from Ian Peter Watson.
A Lantern Pike fell race was organized in May 1962 by Ian Peter Watson and Joe Lancaster as part of the Hayfield May Queen festival. The course was about 3 and a half miles and went from the school field direct to the summit, whence a circuit was made of the Plateau before returning the same way. Conditions on the day were wretched with powerful winds, torrential rain and thick mist. The 34 competitors had to ford swollen streams and drystone walls. Quote from Stud Marks On The Summit.

Chicken Run - 19 Mar 2016
18 Apr 2016
A good turnout for the third running of this race on a chilly March morning. Here are the results and here are photos from Nick Ham. Sue Brooks, the organiser, says...
Saturday 19th March, once again gave us fair weather for the 3rd annual Chicken Run fell race hosted by Hayfield Primary school. The course, as in the two previous races, took the runners up Middle Moor in Little Hayfield - on the less well known grouse butts path, down to the bottom of William Clough and along the side of the lovely Kinder Reservoir.

77 runners left the school field at 11.30am and our first runner - Sol Clark (Buxton AC) returned an impressive 41.00 minutes later! This time narrowly missed the record set in 2014 by S. Coldrick of 38.40. First lady back was Ingrid Storm of Chorlton Runners with a time of 50.56, this means our ladies record of 47.33 set by J. Jepson in 2015 also remains. The 6K loop gave junior runners Lucas Parker and Dan Soles the opportunity to have a great race, both boys were impressive but Lucas took first place with a time of 29.17, Dan was close behind with a time of 29.31.

The day was well attended and we had spectators along the race route this year! Lots of delicious home made cakes were eaten before and after the race and the Sheffield Institute for Advanced Massage provided pre and post race massage. This year, in addition to the on-site children’s races we had a kid’s mini mudder assault course, this was a huge success and the kids loved getting muddy!

The proceeds of this event are to fund the use of the community mini bus, enabling the children of Hayfield Primary School to attend sporting fixtures and enrichment activities both locally and further afield. A huge thank you to all runners for supporting our event and also to the team of volunteers (especially mountain rescue) who give up their Saturday morning to help put on such a successful day!

Kinder Trial - 30 Jan 2016
22 Mar 2016
A cold but snow-free Kinder Trial this year saw 109 starters chase controls in the most likely, unlikely places. Regular winners Tom Brunt and Kirsty Bryan-Jones continued their winning ways. Thanks to Andy and his army of helpers for organising, feeding, counting, timing, cleaning up, etc, etc.

Here are the results - thanks Andy(s)! (and the entry list). There was also some lost property - here's a photo - please contact Andy it you want it back.

Here is a scan of the route map and here are the (inevitable) photos from Nick Ham - thanks (really!) Nick.

Lamb's Longer Leg - 24 Jan 2016
22 Mar 2016
Rather milder conditions than usual for this mid-winter race. Simon Bailey was first back by a significant margin and Liz Batt was first female. Thanks, as usual, to Brian for organising and to all his marshals and helpers. Here are the results - thanks to Brian for sorting these out pronto.

Here are Nick Ham's photos - thanks Nick.

Santa Dash and Fell Race - 6 Dec 2015
22 Mar 2016
Here are photos of the first second! Santa Dash Fell Race, courtesy of William Clough. Here is the event's Facebook page and here are the senior results and the juniors - thanks Alison!
Famous Grouse FR - 29 Nov 2015
22 Mar 2016
A wet and windy day for the 25th running of this race. Chris Leigh and Caitlin Rice were first M & F back. Many thanks to Wayne and Rose for keeping this race going for many years and thanks, of course, to marshals and helpers. Andy Howie has kindly provided the results - ta!

Some photos from Nick Ham - thanks Nick!

Hayfield Championship 2015
22 Mar 2016
20 committed runners managed to complete the required races in this year's Champs and picked up prizes and T-shirts at the Lantern Pike race. Mark Burton was the male winner and Sue Richmond topped the ladies. Here is the final table. Thanks, as ever, to Andy for organising...
Lantern Pike- 19 Sep 2015
8 Dec 2015
Blue skies and warm temperatures for the Lantern Pike races this year. Thanks to organiser Jim and his hordes of helpers for putting together junior and senior races. In the seniors, Chris Leigh was first back and 16-year old Helen Thornhill was first female - well done to them.

Here are the senior and junior results - thanks to Jim for these. Here are some photos from Nick Ham - thanks!

Cracken Edge - 5 Aug 2015
26 Oct 2015
Here are the results and here is a race report - thanks to Jim Harries for getting these out quickly.
Cracken Edge Fell Race took place on 5 August 2015. It is KMRT's annual fund raising race event, organised and marshalled by the team with help from the team's Supporters. The weather was overcast with a few drops of rain and there were 181 runners. There were 3 runners who did not finish and these were carefully accounted for. As expected, we had a few minor injuries and we provided first aid support. Prize giving in the George Hotel after the race gave Pennine FR Club almost a clean sweep: their team members took home 12 of the 16 available prizes. Their runners also came first, second and third. Glossop MRT retained the Mountain Rescue team trophy. A couple of course records were broken. Richard Houghton is now the male over-50 record holder with a time of 45:59, and Ann Marie Jones has gained the female over-60 course record at 62:30.
Here are some photos from Nick Ham (thanks Nick).
Kinder Trog - 28 Jun 2015
19 Sep 2015
Good conditions for this classic long race around Kinder. Everyone came back safely with Mark Burton first in and Helen Berry first woman. Thanks to race organisers Carl and Sue who send their thanks to everyone who turned out to run and to help. Sue has sent me the results - thanks!

A special message to Mr Turnip who managed to get round without taking root up on Kinder - well done!

Fun on the Fells - 19 Jun 2015
29 Aug 2015
Here is a report from the organiser - thanks Sue!
Hayfield Primary school's 3rd annual Fun on the Fells race saw 34 runners leave the school BBQ, in the sunshine, at 7pm! The route was the same as the previous two years and the runners could be seen from the school grounds, on the summit of Lantern Pike and descending for the finish back at the BBQ. This year's winner was Mark Burton with a time of 20.15, beating last year’s record of 20.56 held by R. Little, 2nd place was Damian Kilpin whose time was 21.54 and 3rd Joe Brooks (a junior runner aged 13!) with a time of 22.30. Our first lady back was Jo Bednall, who also set the new ladies record at 26.12 smashing C. Parker's 28.07 from last year. After the race was run, the BBQ and music continued, campfires were lit and the families of Hayfield School settled down to a night under canvas! Thanks to all those who took part in the race or helped in any way towards its smooth and safe "running"!
and here are the results (again, thanks to Sue).
Three Days in May - 15-17 May 2015
7 Jul 2015
Another splendid 3 days of racing over a May weekend - here is the final 3 Days Table.
Kinder Downfall - 26 Apr 2015
7 Jul 2015
Excellent weather for this classic race - sunny with a cool breeze and dry underfoot. 266 set off and all returned - some with cuts and bruises to keep the first-aiders busy. Chris Leigh was first back and Becky Penty was first female - congratulations to them. Thanks once again to Dave Soles for organising this massive race - I believe he would like to hand over the reins soon - volunteers welcome! Thanks also to marshals, caterers (Hayfield Brownies), Pete Bland, St John's Ambulance, Kinder MRT and everyone else who helped.

Here are the results - thanks to Dave for sorting these out. Here are some photos & a write-up from Steve Frith - ta!

Chicken Run - 18 Apr 2015
11 May 2015
The second running of this race saw over a hundred set off in the senior race from Hayfield Primary School over to William Clough and back. Mark Burton was first back and Judith Jepson was first woman. Thanks to all of the organisers and marshals for putting this on, along with food, drink and entertainment at race HQ. Here are the results (thanks Sue) and here are some photos from the omnipresent Nick Ham (thanks Nick). Sue has also sent a report...
This year, the 2nd annual Chicken Run fell race organised by Hayfield Primary School, saw 108 runners set off on a sunny Saturday morning. The route; which was the same as last year, with the option of a shorter loop, was described by one runner as "Hayfield in 9.5k!"

The children’s races; which preceded the adults, went well, with something for all abilities, even Easter egg orienteering!

There was an excellent turn out of support to see the runners set off and cheer in the finishers. Mark Burton was first male back at 41.13; not quite managing to take Simon Coldrick’s 38.40 record from last year. First female back was Judith Jepson running in with an impressive time of 47.33 and smashing last year’s 52.09 record which was held by R. Blight.

Other notable finishers included Aleks Kashefi 56.48 who was our first ever barefoot fell runner! Also, Richard Mace who finished 55th with a time of 55.55! We had runners beating their own P.B from last year, birthday runners and a brave lady who tackled the long loop having never done a fell race before!

All in all, it was a successful and very enjoyable day; we would like to thank all the competitors for taking part, also the many volunteers who helped with organising and running the event.

Sue Brooks, Vicki Hayles and the P.T.A.

Hayfield Grand Slam 2014
7 Dec 2014
Only one dedicated runner managed the Grand Slam this year (all Champs races plus Famous Grouse) - congratulations to Richard Bouglas!
Lantern Pike FR - 20 Sep 2014
8 Nov 2014
Here are the junior results.
Fun on the Fells - 20 Jun 2014
6 Sep 2014
Here's a report on FotF from RO Sue Brooks and here are some pics from Nick Ham.
Three Days in May - 16-18 May
14 Jun 2014
Three days, three races, the results

Fri, 16 May - May Queen Fell Race - thanks to Mary and all her helpers for organising this splendid little race. A special commendation to Mary for dealing with a rather complicated junior prize list! Here are the senior results and some pics from Nick Ham here - thanks Nick! Mary's report...

The first race of the Hayfield 'Three Days in May' series was blessed with beautiful weather and a great turnout.

The race was won convincingly by Andi Jones in 19.36, very close to his course record of 18.51 set in 2006. Rob Little just held off Danny Chan for second place and they were closely followed by Kieran Manchester (U23). Pennine Ladies' Zoe Proctor won the ladies race with her team mate Holly Martin only by 13 secs behind and third lady was Heather Corden (U16). Pat Goodall of Totley (FV50) managed to wrestle her win from the Pennine stranglehold of the vet winners - husband and wife MV40 and FV40 winners Nick and Sarah Craig, Simon Entwistle MV50 and Alan Brentnall MV60.

Local prizes were won by Rob Winfield (after his brother Nat was judged to live in Chapel now) and Catherine Tombs.

12 and overs ran the full course with strong runs from Buxton juniors Louis Forshaw-Perrier (U16B), Elliot Meylan (U14B) and Joe Uprichard (U14B) and also Pennine's Daniel Soles (U14B). Sarah Warhurst (Pennine) was first U14G and Molly Connaughton (Dark Park) was second U14G.

For the first time there were separate races for younger juniors. These routes were not entirely successful and there will be a rethink for next year.

Thank you to Sue Brooks for her help with the juniors, to the landowners for special permission to use the junior routes, to all the marshalls and helpers and especially to Running Bear of Alderley Edge for providing numbers and prizes.

Sat, 17 May - Mount Famine Fell Race - 5 miles taking in Mount Famine and South Head with some steep climbs and the infamous start up Elle Bank.

Great weather for this tough race. Thanks to Mark and helpers for putting it on again. Here are the results and some pics from Nick Ham here

Sun, 18 May - Lantern Pike Dash - another ascent of Lantern Pike, from Little Hayfield this time and all done in not much over a mile. There are also (shorter) junior races as usual. Please note that this race is at 11:00am this year.

Another sunny day for the third day of racing. Thanks to Richard and Debbie (and helpers!) for staging another Dash. Daniel Chan was first back and Caitlin Rice was first female. Twenty two runners completed all three races in the Three Days in May series - well done to them and thanks, as usual, to Andy Howie for organising... Daniel Chan was first male in the series and Holly Martin first female - congratulations to them. Here are the senior results and the junior results - thanks to Deb for these. Some nice pics from Nick Ham here

Chicken Run FR - 5 Apr 2014
17 May 2014
This new race was an excellent addition to the Hayfield race calendar - let's hope it happens again next year. Thanks to organiser Sue and all her helpers for putting this on. Very well organised and great cakes afterwards too. Here's a route map.

Here are the results and a race report from the organiser - thanks Sue! - and here are some pics from Nick Ham - thanks Nick!

Hayfield Grand Slam 2013
11 Feb 2014
According to my records, five devoted runners managed the Grand Slam this year (all Champs races plus Famous Grouse). They are Caitlin Rice, Dan Riley, David S Knowles, Nick Ham and Roger Dent. Well done to them! Apologies if I've missed anyone - please let me know...
Lantern Pike - 21 Sep 2013
24 Dec 2013
Here are the junior results.
Fun on the Fells - 14 Jun 2013
16 Sep 2013
A great start for this new race. Thanks to organisers Sue and Vicky (not forgetting their little helpers, Andy & Lis'). Hopefully it will be back next year and you'll get a chance to try it out if you missed it this time (and the BBQ, drinks and live band!). Here are the results - thanks to Andy for these. [Race details].
Lantern Pike Dash - 12 May 2013
31 Jul 2013
Here are the junior results,
Kinder Trial - 26 Jan 2013
9 Apr 2013
Quite a snowy run out today. Tom Brunt was first back and Kirsty Bryan-Jones was first woman. Thanks to Andy and his team for putting it all together in trying conditions. Here are the (preliminary!) results. Andy says...
... lot's of praise for the Super Soup & the Fantastic Cake, suffice to say a VERY VERY BIG THANK-YOU to all those brilliant helpers who made it all happen and really sorry to those who couldn't make it today owing to the adverse weather which closed many roads overnight including the M6 and most Trans-Pennine routes (plus many thanks folks for letting us know you were not able to join in the fun today - next time ;-))...

A "proper" report will follow....eventually when we have all recovered...and shaken a leg or two at the PFR Do!

Oh' yes all came back...smiling...mostly!!

Cheers Andy & Team RC KT!!

Some good pictures here (thanks to Nick Ham) and here (thanks to Frank Golden).
Lamb's Longer Leg - 13 Jan 2013
3 Apr 2013
Thanks to Brian and helpers for staging this post-holiday lung-buster. Excellent conditions this time - frosty but sunny and with no wind. Simon Bailey was first back, a second outside his record, and Helen Berry was first woman.

Here are the results - thanks Brian! Nick Ham took some nice photos on the way round and here's a photo taken by Brian the day after the race - spot the difference!

Logan's Run - 17 Nov 2012
17 Feb 2013
Pretty good conditions for this one-off race - cool and dry overhead if a little damp underfoot. Thanks to Andy and crew for putting this on - count yourself lucky if you were there as it probably won't happen again. Chris Leigh was first back and Helen Fines was first woman. Post-race soup and cakes were excellent, as usual. Here are the results - thanks Andy!
Lantern Pike FR - 15 Sep 2012
27 Nov 2012
Junior results.
Lantern Pike Dash - 5 Jun 2012
3 Sep 2012
Thanks to Richard and Debbie Scottney and the marshals for putting on this short and painful micro-race. Twenty-odd seniors ran, walked and staggered from the Lantern Pike Inn to Lantern Pike and back. Only one managed to get lost somewhere in the 1.2 miles. Runners in the junior race that followed looked considerably fresher at the finish.

Here are the senior and junior results - thanks Richard.

Kinder Trial - 28 Jan 2012
8 May 2012
After a snowy Friday, Saturday started sunny and stayed that way. Kinder had a few inches of snow everywhere so for all but the early starters there were plenty of tracks to follow, some of them leading to controls. Tom Brunt was first back (again) and Kirsty Bryan-Jones was first woman. Thanks, as usual, to Andy Howie and his small army of helpers. Andy says "VERY BIG THANK-YOU TO A FANTASTIC TEAM OF FOLK WHO MADE IT ALL HAPPEN TODAY....".

Here are some nice pics from Nick "100-Mile" Ham who seems to be getting into this short-distance stuff.

Lamb's Longer Leg - 15 Jan 2012
23 Apr 2012
Thanks to Brian and crew for putting on this race again. A bit of a chilly wind but dry and sunny with frozen ground underfoot. Jack Ross was first man back and Naomi Greaves first woman - 82 ran. Here are the results - thanks to Brian for sorting these out quickly. Here are some pics from Mark Fermer - thanks! ... and a very good video from Richard Seipp - nice!

Here is a race report from the organiser. Next year's race will be on Sun, 13 Jan 2013 at 11am.

Lantern Pike FR - 17 Sep 2011
1 Nov 2011
Junior results.
Wormstones FR - 27 Jul 2011
23 Aug 2011
Here are the results (in PDF format) - thanks to Andy Howie for these.
Mellor Show - 16 Jul 2011
23 Aug 2011
Here are the results (in PDF format) - thanks to Andy Howie for these.
Charlesworth and Chisworth Challenge - 9 Jul 2011
23 Aug 2011
Here are the results (in PDF format) - thanks Dominic!.
Lantern Pike Dash - 22 May 2011
23 Aug 2011
Junior results
Lantern Pike FR - 18 Sep 2010
27 Oct 2010
Junior results
Charlesworth and Chisworth Challenge - 10 Jul 2010
21 Aug 2010
Junior results
Lantern Pike Dash - 16 May 2010
11 Jul 2010
Junior results
Kinder Trial - 31 Jan 2010
15 Mar 2010
Thanks to Andy Howie and his legions of helpers for another Trial. A bit snowy and icy in places and some early mist made for a more challenging race than usual. Tom Brunt and Helene Whitaker were first male and female back. Here are the results. Andy says (in his inimitable style) . . .
. . . my very humble apology for not quite getting K1 in the right gully.....Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh....
Having said that when Lis & I recced the course it was ZERO VIZ...
Plus, plus, a massive thank-you to all who gave so much today to make it a great day out!
And, I'm told that NevM, is OK after being rescued by Air Ambulance after seriously trashing his leg.....
Another big thanks....to MarkB & CharlieE who abandonded the race to make sure NevM was OK...and KMRT for rescue assistance...
And to Larry for lending his Em' Blanket...and others who were on the case...who are probably on TV by now (Eeeeeeeeeeeeck)..
AGAIN A VERY VERY BIG THANKS TO ALL..................who make it happen....!
Here are some photos - thanks (again) Neil.
Famous Grouse - 29 Nov 2009
10 Jan 2010
Rather wet overhead and very wet underfoot - so fairly normal conditions for this nice little race. Thanks to Wayne, Rose and helpers - not great weather for standing around in.

Here are some rather less than perfectly formed results. Thanks to Andy Howie for rescuing these from a watery oblivion. If you can fill in any of the missing information please drop Andy an email.

Some pics from Neil Coverley here ... and some more from Geoff Briggs here - thanks guys!

Lantern Pike FR - 19 Sep 2009
9 Nov 2009
Excellent conditions for this race though Ricky Wilde's record from 1977 remained intact yet again. Simon Coldrick was first home and Sandra Lewis was first lady - there were 246 finishers. Thanks to organiser Jim Trueman and his host of helpers. Here are the senior results and the juniors - thanks Jim!

Photos from Richard Seipp here and from Neil Coverley here.

Padfield Plum Fair Scamper - 13 Sep 2009
9 Nov 2009
I've just received this year's senior results and the juniors - thanks Stella.
Charlesworth and Chisworth - 11 Jul 2009
25 Aug 2009
Here are the senior and junior results (PDF format). Thanks to Dominic and Andy for getting these to me. Some nice (nay, excellent) pics from Richard Seipp here.
Three Days in May - 15-17 May
23 Jun 2009
Thanks to the race organisers and all their helpers for a bumper weekend of races. Lloyd Taggart and Jackie Lee took the honours in the three race series. Here are the results Richard Seipp has taken some excellent photos of the three races - May Queen, Mount Famine and Lantern Pike Dash - thanks Rich.
Kinder Downfall - Route Change (now cancelled)
1 Apr 2009
This year's race is being diverted to avoid building works on the route. The National Trust will shortly start work on a visitor centre at the Downfall. This will be open every day except Christmas Day and as well as providing toilet facilities and information for visitors, will be retailing a range of snacks and gifts.

The race will bypass the Downfall by bearing right off the main path at SK073892 and will descend to Mermaid's Pool where competitors will wade the pool (don't panic - it's only 4ft deep!). Marshals will be on hand should you get stuck. The race then continues down to cross the Kinder at SK079887 where your number will be taken. This is followed by a rocky scramble back up onto the plateau and main path at SK081885. The last 50m is quite steep and a number of fixed ropes will be in place for less confident climbers. Mountain Rescue will be in attendance in the vicinity.

Here's a map showing the diversion - old route in blue, diversion in red. Please do not recce this new section of route, access has been granted for race day only and it will be well marked. Next year this diversion will be unnecessary and you'll be able to stop off at the visitor centre to spend a penny!

Update at 11:15am - Someone has just emailed me to enquire how the visitor centre will be powered. I understand that the NT will install a peat-powered generator. Apparently, there is tons of the stuff lying around up there which nobody has found a use for.
Update at 16:25pm - A young lady from GVS has been in touch as she is only 4'9" in her Walshes and is worried about getting out of her depth in Mermaid's Pool. Don't worry, just get yourself along to your physio and ask for some stretching exercises - 3 inches should be enough or 6 if you want to be on the safe side.
Update at 19:35pm - News just in of an interesting find at the Downfall. National Trust surveyors working on foundations for the visitor centre earlier this week uncovered a previously unknown small cave. The cave was empty but for some unusual animal droppings which were sent off for analysis. It appears that the droppings belong to wallabies, long thought to be extinct in the Peak District. Work on the visitor centre has therefore been postponed while NT zoologists search for the cave's occupants. A local NT warden, who did not want to be named, said "Bl**dy wallabies - me and the lads were looking forward to having somewhere warm out of the wind for a fag and a cup of tea."
The race will therefore not have to be diverted this year. Runners are encouraged to report any wallaby sightings to the National Trust.
Kinder Trial - 1 Feb 2009
31 Mar 2009
Excellent visibility made this rather less of a navigational challenge than the organiser might have liked and most people seemed to be well wrapped up so the cold wind didn't present too much of a problem. As usual, masses of soup and cake at the finish. Simon Coldrick was fastest round with Nick Craig only a minute behind. Jackie Lee was first woman. Thanks, of course, to Andy Howie for organising and for swiftly providing the results.

Photos - Andy has provided 3 sets - the first from Andy, the second from Lis and the third from DazH. Thanks!

I took a GPS - here's the trace (a shade over 11 miles).

Kinder Trial Start list

Peak "O" Trial - 28 Dec 2008
02 Feb 2009
A brilliant clear day for this excellent O-style race which took us over the frozen tundra of Chunal Moor. Make a note to try this one next year, it could cope with a few more hardy souls. Thanks to Des Gibbons for organising. Glossopdale took the top places with Julien Minshull and Lindsay Palmer first back. I took a GPS to see what a mess I made of it (as you can see!) - the trace is here - controls appear as red circles.

Results (on FRA web site) here.

Famous Grouse - 30 Nov 2008
12 Jan 2009
A lovely clear frosty morning for this great little race. Thanks to Wayne and his team for organising. Here are the results - thanks to Andy Howie for these.

Richard Seipp was out with his camera - pics here - thanks Richard. He was not the only one - more pics from John, Pippa and Andy (who shot a few of them while running!) - thanks chaps.

Lantern Pike FR - 20 Sep 2008
11 Nov 2008
Here are the junior results and some rather good photos by Richard Seipp - thanks!
Padfield Plum Fair Scamper - 14 Sep 2008
11 Nov 2008
Here are the senior and junior results. Thanks to Stella and Ted for these.
Orienteering - Buxton - 27 Sep 2008
30 Sep 2008
Received from Dan Riley...
Just to let you know that there is a new orienteering club being formed in Buxton. The club night will be Tuesday from 6.30 to 8.00pm and there will be a mixture of fitness and navigation based training. The club will be based at Buxton Community School and the cost will be £2 for adults and £1 for kids. The club is family friendly and the intention is to put on training for both adults and children.

To launch the club there will be an event at the newly mapped Pavilion Gardens on Saturday 27 September.

Charlesworth & Chisworth Challenge - 12 Jul 2008
26 Aug 2008
Here are the senior results and also the junior results for ages 6 to 8, 9 to 10 and 11 to 13. Thanks to Dominic Oughton for all of these.
James's Thorn - 18 Jun 2008
26 Aug 2008
Here are the results - thanks to the usual suspects for these.
Kinder Trog - 15 Jun 2008
26 Aug 2008
Good conditions for this long race round Kinder and other local delights. 196 started, 193 finished - here are the results - thanks to Andrea & Andy for providing these so promptly.

There are some photos taken by Chris of Kinder MRT over on the Pennine site - here
. . . and some more from IanDarkpeak - here.

Boar's Head - 11 Jun 2008
07 Jul 2008
Here are the results - thanks to Dave Jones for these. Dave has also provided this race report.
Five Years - 6 Jun 2008
07 Jul 2008
It's been five years since this web site first saw the light of day. I'd like to say thanks to all the race organisers and runners who have provided results, corrections, reports, photos, etc and made the site a useful part of the local fell running scene. Thanks also to those who have mailed me to say that the site is useful or interesting - it does help!
Rainow 5 - 4 Jun 2008
07 Jul 2008
Results of the Rainow 5 race here (Excel file - thanks to Colin Fray for these).
Three Days in May - 16-18 May
12 Jun 2008
Hope you all had fun at one or (hopefully) more of these races.

Here are the May Queen results - thanks to Andy Howie for these,
. . . and the Mount Famine results - thanks to Mark Boulton for these,
. . . . . . and finally, the Lantern Pike Dash results - thanks to 'Old Bare Chest' for these (and the junior results)
. . . . . . . . . and finally, finally - the Three Days in May table

Chris Smith of Twenty Trees has some photos of the May Queen and Mount Famine races here - thanks Chris.
. . . and yet more nice pics on the Pennine site

Kinder Downfall - 13 Apr 2008
19 May 2008
Hope everyone had an enjoyable run this year. Thanks to Dave Soles and his team for coping with the massive turnout in the main race and the twists and turns of the junior races! Here are the preliminary results - thanks to Dave (& Matt) for getting these together quickly. Here are the junior results for the U8 and U10 races and the U12, U14 and U16 races.

Here are some nice pics from Ann Seipp - thanks Ann! ... and some more via Dave Soles here ... and yet more from Chris from Kinder Mountain Rescue here.

[Entry list - Route notes]

Edale Skyline 2008
5 May 2008
For your amusement, here's a table which shows when everyone reached the various checkpoints. Enter the surnames of up to 7 runners in the box
Lads Leap 2007 photos
5 May 2008
Courtesy of the Lad himself - here - thanks Andy.

Kinder Trial 2007 photos
21 Feb 2008
Better late than ... Andy has just passed on a set of photos taken by John Beatty at last year's KT and there are some outstanding compositions there. If these don't make you want to get out there, get help now!

Some of these would take a caption - let me know if you can think of one.

Lamb's Longer Leg - 13 Jan 2008
21 Feb 2008
Here are the results. Thanks to Brian and his team for another good race. There is likely to be a change in the start time next year - expect to have to get out of bed a bit earlier! Not content with (only) coming third in the race, Andy Howie was also out on the course taking photos - what a star...
Tanky's Trog - 2 Dec 2007
22 Dec 2007
Many thanks to the tireless Andy Howie for a bumper collection of photos, more photos and yet more photos.
Famous Grouse - 25 Nov 2007
22 Dec 2007
Thanks to Wayne, Rose & helpers for this splendid low-key race - here are the results (thanks to Andy Howie for getting these together promptly). Andy has also kindly provided some photos.
Ricky Wilde article
22 Dec 2007
I've been sent a short article by Neil Shuttleworth on Ricky Wilde, Lantern Pike record holder since 1977. Thanks, Neil.
Lantern Pike - 15 Sep 2007
17 Oct 2007
Here are the senior results and here are the juniors. Thanks are due to Jim Trueman and his helpers for taking on and organising a massive senior race and to Mel Cranmer for all the Lantern Pikes past. Mel went out in style by putting together the five junior championship races.

Dave Pinnington has sent me links to photos taken at Lantern Pike - seniors and juniors - thanks Dave.

Chris Smith was also at the Sheepdog Trials with his camera - photos here.

3 Days in May - 18-20 May 2007
02 Jul 2007
3 days of excellent racing in fine conditions despite the absence of many regulars due to Fairfield. Thanks to all the organisers and especially to Nick and Mark who have taken over the May Queen and Mount Famine races without a hitch.

May Queen results here (thanks Nick & Yvonne) and Mount Famine results here (thanks Mark) and Dash results here (thanks Andy, Richard and Debbie). Here is the overall table for the 3 Days in May races. Oh, and here are the Dash junior results ...

Chris Smith has some nice photos of the May Queen and Mount Famine races here - thanks, Chris. And there are three of the start of MF from Mel ... here.

Lad's Leap - 15 Apr 2007
21 May 2007
Andy Howie has sent me the results for this almost local race -> here (Word doc).

Kinder Downfall - 1 Apr 2007
15 May 2007
Here are the photos from 2007.
Edale Skyline - 18 Mar 2007
30 Apr 2007
Quite a day! Superb organisation and marshalling from DPFR in very challenging conditions. For your amusement, here's a table which shows when everyone reached the various checkpoints. Enter the surnames of up to 7 runners in the box and click Display.
Lads Leap - 2 Sep 2006
18 Sep 2006
Here are some rough and ready results courtesy of Andy Howie ...
Charlesworth & Chisworth Challenge - 8 Jul 2006
27 Jul 2006
I've been sent results of both senior and junior races. Thanks!
Three Days in May - 5-7 May 2006
30 May 2006
Hope you all enjoyed your 3 days of madness. All results are now in - many thanks to organisers Phil Wheatcroft, John McCall, Richard Scottney and their legions of helpers for three excellent races. Here are the May Queen results, Mount Famine results and the Lantern Pike Dash results (and the Dash junior race).

18 runners braved all three races - here is the overall table. Congratulations to Andy Trigg and Jackie Lee who took the top places.

Mel Cranmer's photos (Jan 2006)
23 Feb 2006
Cran Melmer, the Kinder paparazzi, has sent me some photos taken at Lamb's Leg and the Trial. Thanks!
Padfield Plum Fair Scamper - 11 Sep 2005
10 Oct 2005
Here are the results (thanks, Stella) - seniors and juniors.
Three Days in May - 13-15 May 2005
1 Jun 2005
All the results are now here: May Queen - Mount Famine - Lantern Pike Dash. 21 folk managed to do all three - here's the final table. Lloyd Taggart and Jane Mellor were declared series winners after the Lantern Pike Dash on Sunday. Now that I know where the Dash route goes (ouch!), I've done a profile.

Poster (PDF, 130k)

Vanessa Chappell - 11 May 2005
1 Jun 2005
Not really a Hayfield race but I've got the results again (thanks, Alison)
Kinder Downfall - 10 Apr 2005
3 May 2005
Photos - thanks to Dave Soles for providing over 150 pics of happy smiling faces at the top of William Clough. If you want to put names to faces and you can see the race number in the pic, here's the entry list.

Report - Local wordsmith Andy Howie relates -

Fairly ideal conditions saw a big turn out this year; 258 runners were greeted by the new organiser at the start on the bridge in the centre of Hayfield, causing the usual friendly chaos, which is one of the defining features of this classic local race. Following the normal insults & banter the happy runners whizzed up Kinder Road and took the sharp left up Snake Path; plenty of stumbling, wheezing & coughing up to 20 Trees, where the field began to spread beguilingly across the landscape. I could just about glimpse the front-runners, disappearing over Ashop Head onto Kinder plateau, as we lesser mortals topped out of William Clough ...

Then as usual, the rest is a bit of a blur! The bruised, battered & bloody and still very happy runners were suitably rewarded with tea & cakes back at the Scout Hut ...

Edale Skyline - 20 Mar 2005
3 May 2005
This year's Edale Skyline was something of a navigational challenge! For your amusement, I have prepared a table which shows when everyone reached the various checkpoints. Enter the surnames of up to 7 runners in the box and click Display.
The Forum
11 Apr 2005
After nearly 9 months, the forum on this site has attracted less than a dozen contributions. I think it's time for it to go! There is a rather more active forum over on the FRA web site which I recommend to you.
Andy Howie's Photos
20 Jan 2005
Andy has sent me a few photos for you to look at (including a rare shot of the man himself finishing a race with his vest on!). View them here. If you have similar pics and would like me to put them on this site please email them to me.
Tanky's Trog - 5 Dec 2004
10 Jan 2005
Andy Howie has sent me an excellent write-up of this year's event - thanks, Andy!
Famous Grouse FR - 28 Nov 2004
10 Dec 2004
Here are the results and edited highlights of the race report . . .
. . . What a cracking race (again), seamless organisation, well marked & marshalled course, probably the wettest & muddiest underfoot conditions ever for this event, some fierce competition in the aged ranks. Good tussle between the Under 12's & the Over 60's! With a warm welcome & roaring fire in the Grouse Inn after the finish, rounded off with (free stand up) entertaining prize giving and an ace pint or two of well kept Robbies Beer - what more would you want? (Chip Butties? - next year, apparently!)
High Peak 40 - 18 Sep 2004
11 Oct 2004
I've written a report on this race - click here
Torside Scamper - 12 Sep 2004
4 Oct 2004
I've been sent results of this race (thank you, Stella). Here are Senior and Junior results.

Lantern Pike 1977
5 Aug 2004
Mel Cranmer sent me this a while ago . . . results of the very first Lantern Pike race in 1977 (where the course record was set!). It's a scan which has been converted to PDF - click here to download (100k).
Peakers Stroll - 4 Jul 2004
5 Jul 2004

A quick plug for one of my favourite events - the Peakers' Stroll is a laid-back but well organised long distance walk which welcomes runners. The full course is fairly demanding (think Edale Skyline but with summer heat) but there are 3 shorter courses available (or you can walk it). Registration and start is at the Reading Rooms in Peak Forest (GR SK113793) and runners go off at 11:30 (walkers 9:30).

The full route has 6 checkpoints (with drinks at all and food at CP3). From Peak Forest you head north over Windy Knoll to CP1 below Mam Tor. Then it's up Mam Tor, east to Lose Hill, down to Killhill Bridge in Hope (CP2) and up Win Hill. From Win Hill drop down to the side of Ladbybower Res. and CP3 then it's NW along the side of the reservoir to CP4 at the reservoir inlet. A short drag up through the woods brings you out near Crookstone Barn and from there you cross Jaggers Clough as you head SW towards CP5 in Edale. Leaving Edale it's up and over Hollins Cross then down into Castleton and CP6. The final climb is up though Cave Dale (nice!) before the descent down Oxlow Rake to the finish at Peak Forest and a late lunch served at your table in the Reading Room.

All this for £6.50 (you can enter on the day) and this year it's on Sunday the 4th of July.

There is a Peakers Stroll web site and there are more details on the LDWA web site. Here is my profile of the full route (the shorter routes use a subset of the checkpoints and are 9, 13 and 17 miles)

Vanessa Chappell Race - 12 May 2004
5 Jul 2004
Vanessa Chappell - 12 May 2004 - I've been sent the results of this race (thanks, Alan) - click here to see them.
Kinder Trial - 18 Jan 2004
5 Jul 2004
Trial 2004 - Did you improve on last year? - click here to compare the two races (experimental!). A page showing the order in which some entrants visited controls is here.
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